Glowing Large Jellyfish Sculputures

Large White Moon Jellyfish Glowing with Free Crystal Led Base Tiger jellyfish Black Jellyfish Paperweight
Large White Moon Jellyfish Glowing with Free Crystal Led BaseLarge Yellow Tiger Jellyfish with Free Led BaseGranite Black Encased Sea Jelly
Moon jellyfish are typically translucent white, but may take on a pink, purple or orange hue depending on their last meal. Their four gastric pouches, or stomachs, can easily be seen through their transparent bodies. A fringe of hair-like...

This is a Tiger Medusa found only off the coast of Portugal Spain.It is a very intelligent jellyfish.This is the only jellyfish to have a brain and knows how to pick and choose its battles. This jellyfish stalks its prey and waits till just the...

This jellyfish is one of my favorites. It has a classy look of granite and will match any decor. The jellyfish also glows in the dark on its own.This jellyfish absorbs the natural light and glows in the dark with no energy used. This jellyfish...




jellyfish paperweight with free light stand red jellyfish paperwieght jellyfish glows
Large Black Medusa with Free Crystal Led BaseDiscounted Red Sea Nettle 6 inchDiscounted Yellow Egg Yolk Jellyfish 6 inch

The Black Medusa Sea Nettle comes ashore every 8 years in Baja, California.It is the rarest seen jellyfish in the U.S.The Black Jellyfish is only seen in one spot in the entire planet.This jellyfish can be 60 ft long and it will eat anything in...

Red Sea Nettles are found in Australia.They are rarely seen,because they are deep sea jellies.They were recently discovered in 2007.These are beautifully hand-crafted sculptures. This is a 6inch tall jellyfish paperweight. Glow in the Dark !...

Yes, There is a jellyfish named the egg yolk jellyfish and it lives in Alaska and California near colder waters.These are beautifully hand-crafted sculptures. This is a 6 inch tall jellyfish paperweight. Glow in the Dark ! Handmade and...





Medium Jellyfish White real jellyfish sculptures
Large White Moon Jellyfish Glowing Large Black Medusa Glowing
The White Moon Jellyfish get there color from eating algae,planton or other small sea creatures.The Moon Jellyfish can be pink,green,blue,white or yellow. The Moon jellyfish only lives 6-8 months in the wild.These are beautifully hand-crafted...

Blue Fire Jellyfish is found in the Florida Keys.This jellyfish is the most widely seen jellyfish in the area This is a 6 inch tall jellyfish paperweight. Glow in the Dark and comes with Free Led Base $30 value Handmade and collectable. This...




This mesmerizing large jellyfish paperweight is made by our aritist. Jellyfish have roamed the seas for 500 million years.Now you get to own a piece of natural history.Each piece is custom made in our studio.This jellyfish demonstrates the natural ability of jellyfish to Glow in the dark.Bioluinescence of a jellyfish makes them glow to pretect against predators.